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Experience the different facets of Heidelberg’s history. Our knowledgeable and captivating tour guides bring the past to life authentically and with a twinkle in their eye.

Our team of art historians and archaeologists provide an ambitious and lively picture of our past. Using the tried and tested English “Living History Concept”, we employ high-quality costumes and museum replicas of jewellery, weapons and every day objects of those times. We never use panne velvet, polyester or zippers in our costumes. This accuracy and the fascinating tour content offer a lively first-hand picture of history.

Whether you choose to roam the Heiligenberg - the hills above the Neckar River - with a Roman centurion, or to explore the picturesque Old Town with the grand-ducal night watchman or, if you dare, to discover a truly bloody trade with the hangman’s daughter, we will illuminate Heidelberg, her history and her legends. We take pride in the accuracy of what we show and the knowledge of our guides. This makes a tour with us a fresh and exceptional pleasure.

All our programmes can be scheduled as off-hour tours for groups up to 300 participants. Off-hour tours allow us to pay specific attention to your group's particular needs and interests. If you are in search for a special corporate event, take a look at:

We’d be happy to send you our complete programme or provide you a quotation at any time.





Join us on a nocturnal journey to the scenes of horrible appearances, myths and legends of the Old Town of Heidelberg. The night watchman of the Heidelberger Town Guard will take you to places and events that should have remained unheard of! Shameful murderers, dissolute students and terrible wrongdoers who once struck terror into people’s hearts roamed the streets of our romantic town and many a lane harbours dark secrets of the past centuries.

During our tour through nocturnal Heidelberg you can kindle your nerves with a nip of the night watchman’s “pick-me-up”.

The maid of a renowned Heidelberger citizen will take care of your material well-being and provide you with specialties from her overflowing basket. You won’t have to wait long for the next surprise. The grand duke’s town guard, who looks after law and order in the town, will try to break up the assembly by force of arms.

Nevertheless, don’t be fooled by the fine refreshments and delicious provisions! Bear in mind that the night watchman has a malicious tongue and enjoys telling a fib or two. He never misses an opportunity to stop off at the next inn.
In the end it’s up to you to distinguish between truth and tale and to spot those legends and myths that arise from the fantasy of our liar.

for at least 20 participants,
per person, net                                 € 29,50

If there are fewer participants, the price per person increases percentually.

• a Special Tour Guide (night watchman) for up to two hours
• the provision of costumes and equipment
• the grand duke’s town guard, two reenactors
• performance of a maid who offers delicacies
• a nightcap and one delicacy per person

• on request ascent of church tower



Ramble through the history of crime and corruption during the Romantic Period.

In the 19th century, Heidelberg was the capital of the “Rheinromantik”, but behind the picturesque facades lurked vice, crime and dark deeds: old ladies are butchering cats and selling them as roasts to taverns, students slay a respectable garde grenadier, and a dealer in antiques is selling the saber of the infamous robber Hölzerlips by the dozen to unsuspecting English tourists.

Join the “Inspector of the grand ducal police” and get to the bottom of the dark side of the Romantic past. Our inspector will take you to the scene of the crimes in Heidelberg’s Old Town. The inspector is equipped and dressed authentically in the style of the 19th century.

Although he himself has convicted many of the culprits, he tends to exaggerate some cases and assume pride for triumphs he never achieved. At the end of the tour, the guest who identifies the made-up stories will receive a special refreshment.

Roaming the streets, you will also encounter two detectives who will report on gruesome incidents in the Old Town. Unfortunately, the culprits haven’t been caught yet and are still at large… And don’t forget privycleaner Karl. He will tell you about the atrocious discoveries he made while doing his not so reputed occupation and which will give you spine-wrenching chills.

It goes without saying that you will enjoy some one or another refreshment and other delicacies during our stroll so that even the most timid will be able to pluck up his or her courage.

Have a wicked good time on our Criminal Walk through the Old Town of Heidelberg!

for at least 20 participants,
per person, net                                 € 29,50

If there are fewer participants, the price per person increases percentually.

• one special tour guide (Inspector) for up to two hours
• Performance of three actors: two “detectives” and one “privycleaner”
• Provision of costumes and equipment for the actors
• one refreshment and one delicacy per person




Join the hangman’s daughter on her journey through Heidelberg’s alleys.

The Middle Ages – witches are burning on the banks of the Neckar, whores and pick-pockets are plying their trade at the Old Bridge and the Heidelberg hangman is offering his bloody services to the authorities with a menu of prices. Accompany the hangman’s daughter „Vasner Katharina“ on a journey through the chilling history of an almost forgotten trade from the middle ages to the 19th century and discover the other, dark side of the romantic Old Town.

Listen to her stories of gruesome crimes and cruel punishments. You will be amazed to hear what you can earn by cremating witches or cutting off a finger or an ear.
On your way through the dark alleys you will also meet a medieval pimp who will reveal the love lives and vices enjoyed by Heidelberg’s residents.
During a short break you will stop at a tavern where an herb-lady will introduce you to various talismans and tinctures, the source and preparation of which will surprise you.

for at least 20 participants,
per person, net                              € 29,50

If there are fewer participants, the price per person increases percentually.

• one special tour guide (hangman’s daughter) for up to two hours
• Performance of an “herb lady” and a “medieval pimp”
• Provision of costumes and equipment for the actors
• one refreshment per person




Now in our eighth year, the classic tour

Experience up close the history of the time-honoured residence of the electoral counts palatine. Visit the Old University, Marstall, Hercules Fountain, Old Bridge, Witches’ Tower and Synagogue Square, to name just a few of the sights. You will surely enjoy this tour spiced with historical facts and amusing stories about the “pearl of the Neckar”.

The ultimate walking tour for Heidelberg-newcomers and fans.

for at least 20 participants,
total, net                               € 150,--

each further participant,
net                                       € 7,50





Roam the hills above the Neckar known as the Heiligenberg with the “Roman Centurio Votadinus”.

For thousands of years, stories and legends have surrounded the Heiligenberg. The Celts set up a mysterious ritual shaft, the Romans built temples and the Teutons made gruesome human sacrifices for “Wotans wild hunt”.

Listen to our legionnaires exciting tales and discover the secrets of the Heiligenberg with him. Our Centurio who originally hails from Roman occupied Britain will share the myths and legends of our ancestors.

During the walking tour you will also encounter a Celtic warrior. Dressed in a chainmail shirt and bracae, he will explain jewellery, weapons and gear. And don’t worry, he usually offers a small refreshment, too.

for at least 20 participants,
per person, net                             € 21,--

If there are fewer participants, the price per person increases percentually.

• one special tour guide (Roman Centurio) for up to two hours
• Performance of a Celtic warrior
• Provision of costumes and equipment for the actors
• One refreshment per person



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